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Welcome to the Foundation’s ecosystem. An eventful expedition awaits you!

Nicole: You are about to dive into an extremely diverse environment: philanthropy, arts, education, heritage, literature… it makes for a habitat that is teeming with biodiversity.

Sonia: As a matter of fact, this is reflected by the multiple areas of expertise present at the Foundation, areas which really contribute to increasing our outreach. Here, nothing is static: every year we rethink and enhance our programming. Our employees are constantly updating their knowledge and skills in order to move projects forward, and are not afraid to reconsider and revisit past chosen options.

Nicole: Yes, that’s right! Much like a river flowing in its bed, our environment renews itself each year. And, every time, the experience is different for each member of the expedition: directors, employees, visitors, philanthropic partners, etc.

Sonia: In recent months, we have been carried along by a number of different currents: the multiplication of partnerships, increased focus on the health and wellness of our team, the development of a risk management action plan, an intensification of our efforts to go green, and a ramping up of our knowledge sharing.

Nicole: The lively nature of the Foundation is born of passion, commitment, professionalism and creativity, all tied together with a healthy dose of good cheer and kindness. We would like to congratulate the team and the board of directors for many successful endeavours, and to thank our partners for their trust.

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30 239
Museum visitors,
as of closing on March 15, 2020
5 221
Cultural Centre visitors,
as of closing on March 15, 2020

The flora
and fauna

Flora and fauna are plants and animals that live together and form interrelationships in a particular region or ecosystem. Flora and fauna are highly diverse and help to maintain the balance of an ecosystem. They breathe, grow and exchange energy within the environment.

Just like the flora and fauna of any region, the Foundation’s team members are connected through visible and invisible ties that form and transform from one project to the next. Our employees work in symbiosis, pooling their unique characteristics, knowledge and skills and fanning the flames with enthusiasm and commitment.

Did you know that 37 different positions are held by 50 Foundation employees? Our diversity is our strength.


The snowy owls

The snowy owl, the official bird of Québec, has keen eyesight and excellent hearing. Snowy owls are well-known for their silent flight, and are constantly scanning their territory. They are majestic, powerful and highly adaptable.

Our history is closely connected to snow. And, like the snowy owl, our board of directors has keen vision and is able to detect the slightest movement in its surroundings, size up changes and redirect the Foundation’s strategic orientations.

The 12-member board sees to it that the Foundation has what it needs to accomplish its mission, while ensuring that its core values are upheld.

Major movements:

  • The adoption of a new succession plan policy in case of an unplanned absence of the executive director, the revision of a pandemic policy, and the ongoing improvement of the investment and rebalancing policies
  • Implementation of an integrated risk management process following the adoption of our risk management policy last year
  • Follow-up of strategic planning and financial affairs
  • Replacement of Gabriel B. Lopez, President of Fusion Jeunesse, who stepped down from the board after seven years of service, by Maxime Codère, a KPMG associate
From left to right: Paule Fontaine, Isabelle Bombardier, Louis-Armand Bombardier, Élaine Beaudoin, Maxime Codère, Sylvie Fontaine, Nicole Beaudoin, Nathalie Bissonnette, Olivier Marcil, France Bissonnette, Luce Samoisette, Luc Bachand

The Mixed
forest dwellers

Just as the mixed forest is home to a great diversity of species, the Foundation's internal services team is varied, versatile and effective in supporting projects from all areas of the Foundation.

Join us on the lookout for arctic foxes, river otters, common loons, American robins and beavers!


The valley
of the Cervidae

Cervids make up one of Québec’s most emblematic family of animals. Majestic and always alert, these bold and curious animals are king of the forest. They are easy to recognize by their antlers, and they travel great distances. Catching a glimpse of them is always a thrill!

Like cervids, the tightly knit team at the Cultural Centre and Library is impressive. Their bold multidisciplinary approach sparks curiosity among young and old alike as they take in the new attractions. The team is at the heart of Valcourt’s cultural life, with an exciting offer for audiences each season.

95 700
paper book loans
1 365
digital loans
4 931
participants at cultural activities
9 726
books delivered through Accès-livres

The rapids

The rapids are easily recognizable by the rocks sprinkled throughout the river, the sound of water hitting them and the effervescence of air bubbles mixing with water. The rhythm accelerates, the senses are stimulated and reflexes are sharpened.

At the J. Armand Bombardier Museum of Ingenuity, a team of 32 ingenious individuals are working together to create a unique experience where echoes of the inventor's legacy blend with the intelligence of his successors, and where visitors are challenged to activate their curiosity and creativity.

historical requests processed
vehicles displayed in our reserve
269 718
people reached by our history capsules on Facebook
2 840
elementary school students at the Museum
of visitors satisfied with staff courtesy


Lively and curious, butterflies are pollinators, and play a key role in the maintenance and growth of biodiversity. They contribute to the emergence of new plant species and are involved in the process of adaptive evolution, since they can influence plants to improve their ability to attract pollinators. Butterflies have a symbiotic relationship with their environment, feeding and pollinating at the same time.

If the philanthropic activities team had to choose one word to describe its work, it would be mutualism. Its members particularly enjoy working with various community stakeholders, creating alliances and contributing to innovation and social transformation.

What is philanthropy?

Philanthropy, much like entomology, is an unfamiliar term for many people.

We could tell you that the word comes from the Greek root meaning love for humanity; that some define it as sharing wealth; and that another, more current definition refers to a more strategic and sustainable form of charity. For non-profit organizations, philanthropy evokes the management of gifts allocated to them; for grantmaking foundations, it refers to the allocation of donations, of course, and, more and more, to impact investment and capacity building support.

For us, above all, it means being attentive to needs, believing in the experience and expertise of the organizations working in the field, acting as a vehicle of communication between different sectors and stakeholders, reflecting collectively about social issues, their causes and possible solutions, learning, sharing, collaborating, progressing, etc.


The portage

In the second week of March, we arrived at a stretch of challenging whitewater rapids. We were forced to land and begin a portage.

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and we had to take drastic measures: all group activities were suspended, and the Museum and Cultural Centre were closed until further notice.

Remote working and adapting to change became the new norm. We were able to retain all staff members through a redistribution of projects and duties. The pause imposed by the provincial government turned out to be a good time to update our databases, continue to think about our upcoming programming, become familiar with new ways of communicating and working, etc.

The Foundation continued its philanthropic activities by rallying its resources, team members, donation committee and board of directors in order to quickly adjust its response to the new challenges faced by organizations. A short-, medium- and long-term strategy was established and implemented through active monitoring of the community and the adoption of a coordinated approach with granting foundations and capacity-building actors.

At the time of writing, we are still in the portage phase. However, a committee made up of employees has been created to establish a gradual return-to-work protocol that will implement measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors.

Take good care of yourselves. We’ll see you next year!

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Art direction: Tania Jiménez, Pulpa
Programming : Mathieu Lajeunesse
Translation: Signy Glendinning
Photography: Jean-Michel Naud

Head Office

1000, J.-A.-Bombardier Ave.
Valcourt, QC J0E 2L0