E = M.C.2

Essence of FJAB = Movement.Cooperation2

The differentiation factor

Established in 1965 by the inventor’s wife and three daughters, the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation contributes to the development of communities, groups and individuals by supporting organizations and projects that foster capacity building and human dignity. The Foundation contributes to the fulfillment of Bombardier’s commitment to social responsibility.

One Foundation, three destinations: the Foundation carries out philanthropic activities and supports the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier and the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre in Valcourt, through which it encourages young people to stay in school and promotes access to the arts and culture.

$ 3 910 250 granted
$ Arts and culture $ Philagora Organizational capacity- building program $ Community support $ Education $ Healthcare 85 000 357 000 1 550 500 889 250 1 113 500
J. Armand Bombardier
scholarships for a total
of $183,250
31 491
Museum visitors
5 263
Cultural Centre visitors
participants in Philagora activities

A new duo

In 2017, we took an important step forward in our history.

After many years of dedication, the Foundation’s founders gradually stepped down and passed the torch to their successors. It was a smooth transition made possible by deeply rooted human values shared by directors and employees alike.

The pride that comes with working to fulfill the Foundation’s mission is reflected in a strong sense of belonging and enduring passion. The wealth of our projects and activities speaks for itself. Naturally, we have our share of challenges, for example, the geographic remoteness from large urban centres of our institutions in Valcourt and financial pressures that affect our partner organizations. But our in-depth knowledge of the community and its needs, combined with the originality of our programs, allows us to occupy a key position on the philanthropic and cultural stage.

The results of our actions are reflected in strong and connected nonprofits, visitors and school groups inspired by ingenuity “the Bombardier Way” and a community that rallies around a dynamic cultural and artistic hub.

All of this is led by a team that channels its endless imagination into effective management!

Nicole Beaudoin, President and Sonia Labrecque, Executive Director

A whole that is
greater than the
sum of its parts

The strength of the Foundation lies in a team that systematically brings cooperation, adaptability and commitment to each and every activity it undertakes. Our employees, who have been with the Foundation anywhere from just a few days to 46 years, pool their experience, are open to new ways of thinking and are continually improving their practices. In a nutshell, they all have the “continuous innovation” bug, and systematically infect new recruits with their enthusiasm!

The Foundation’s employees describe themselves as attentive and available, people who care. Not only are they committed to their work, they are equally dedicated to serving the community.

The geometry
of possibilities

The Foundation is a committed philanthropic partner, supporting Canadian organizations that work for the social and economic development of their fellow citizens and communities.

A five-person team

The vector
of creativity

An important meeting place for the citizens of Valcourt and the surrounding area, the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre offers a vast program of cultural, educational and artistic activities.

A 10-person team

The boldness

The Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier is a living legacy of the inventor and his successors, and a source of inspiration for future generations.

A 23-person team

The common

How did we manage to accomplish so much? We rely on a seasoned administrative team that works magic!

Experts in the art of maximizing resources, our dedicated colleagues in the accounting and management department are indispensable to all our projects. They also helped us go paperless, which included the creation of entirely digital records for the external auditors and the implementation of virtual notebooks for the board of directors and its committees. The team may work in the shadows, but its rigour, speed and diligence is the driving force behind the programming that allows our institutions to shine!

We also rely on other associates daily for their essential contributions: the communications and maintenance departments, our audiovisual technician and our IT system administrator, unanimously voted innovator of the year!

A 10-person team

An overview of the year

∫ 2017-2018
(collaboration + innovation) sustained intensity
creativity2 + attentiveness outreach
excellence + adaptability cheerfulness


Art direction: Tania Jiménez, Pulpa
Programming : Mathieu Lajeunesse
Translation: Signy Glendinning
Photography: Jean-Michel Naud

Head Office

1000, J.-A.-Bombardier Ave.
Valcourt, QC J0E 2L0

Philanthropic Activities Office

1155 Metcalfe St., suite 2100
Montréal, QC H3B 2V6