The Fondation J. Armand Bombardier is a family foundation created in 1965, following the death of the inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier. It is thanks to his wife and his daughters that the Foundation as we know it today lives on, for they have embraced the philanthropic wishes of Mr. Bombardier, accompanying the Foundation down new paths and diversifying its fields of implication.

True to its roots, the Foundation still holds its head quarters at its birthplace: Valcourt, a small town in the Eastern townships. Not too far from the main building, you can find the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre, a place where culture meets letters. All visitors can admire the wonderful seasonal art exhibitions and enjoy the connecting library, which serves the seven surrounding municipalities.

On the other side of the road, the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier captures the passion of a lifetime: it portrays the life of a man fascinated by mechanics and vehicles, all while bringing into the light all the intelligence, perseverance and creativity behind the evolution of various modes of transportation. Due to its vast cultural and educational content, the Museum welcomes nearly 35 000 visitors each year.

Over the years, the Fondation J. Armand Bombardier has outstretched its realm of impact far from its birthplace by supporting community-led initiatives throughout Canada. Combining its philanthropic approach based on active listening and proximity with its capacity reinforcement program, Philagora, the Foundation benefits from an excellent positioning in the third sector. Since its founding, the Foundation has granted 165 M$ to over 2600 organizations.

One Foundation, three destinations: a Cultural Centre, a Museum and Philanthropic Activities, deployed thanks to a committed Board of Directors, managers and employees.

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