The Foundation
shows its colours

Collaboration gets the green light

Established in 1965 by the inventor’s wife and three daughters, the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation contributes to the development of communities, groups and individuals by supporting organizations and projects that foster capacity building and human dignity. The Foundation contributes to the fulfillment of Bombardier’s social responsibility.

One foundation, three destinations: the Foundation carries out philanthropic activities while supporting the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier and the Yvonne L.  Bombardier Cultural Centre in Valcourt, through which it encourages school perseverance and promotes access to the arts and culture.

$ 3 975 743 granted* *Including Philagora
$ Arts and culture $ Philagora $ Community support $ Education $ Healthcare 65 393 282 000 1 358 100 855 750 1 414 500
J. Armand Bombardier scholarships for a total of $184,750
32 986
Museum visitors
5 578
Cultural Centre visitors
participants in Philagora activities

After the intrapreneurs, enter the intrafluencers!

Like many other organizations, the Foundation has been affected these past years by an increasingly complex organizational reality that has forced us to respond with agility and re-examine the manner in which we operate. We’ve had to learn to deal with an ever-changing external environment and the natural cycle of any organization: founding members retiring and new recruits arriving with new perspectives.

And so, it was only natural to see a new movement emerge, that truly became visible at the Foundation in 2018-2019. We refer to it as “the intrafluencers”. Following the intrapreneurs, recognized for their leadership in the area of organizational innovation, our organizational culture has shifted toward new forms of cooperation. More spontaneous—and sometimes unexpected —collaborative initiatives have sprung to life. We’re experiencing greater knowledge transfer between departments, and we’ve also noticed colleagues engaging more often in informal sharing of expertise. New spaces for dialogue have been created, in particular within the management team, and new learning and ideation techniques such as prototyping have been introduced.

We are thrilled with this new convergence, which in addition to affecting our internal activities, is spreading to our partnerships in our different sectors of intervention. This openness to new ideas and practices is essential for ensuring that we remain relevant. It’s also an important factor for motivation, without which we could not have accomplished all that we did this year!

Nicole Beaudoin, President and Sonia Labrecque, Executive Director


Our blue ribbon team

The Foundation team members have an incredibly diverse expertise and share an undeniable sense of commitment. Our staff—seasoned veterans, new recruits and interns—are equally passionate and enthusiastic about pushing the limits of everything they do. Their strong presence in the community and in their respective professional fields is a wonderful vector for motivation and learning.


Fresh squeezed developments

The Foundation is a philanthropic partner committed to supporting organizations across Canada working for the social and economic development of their fellow citizens and communities.


Rolling out the red carpet for the community

An important meeting place for the citizens of Valcourt and the surrounding area, the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre offers a vast program of cultural, educational and artistic activities.


A rising star

The Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier is a living legacy of the inventor and his successors, and is a source of inspiration for future generations.


The Grand cru of services

Our highly skilled administrative team may work in the shadows, but they are, without a doubt, absolutely vital to each and every one of our projects!

Experts in the art of maximizing resources, our colleagues in the accounting and management department support our initiatives and give us invaluable advice. And let’s not forget the vital contributions of our other daily acolytes: the communications department, the maintenance team and the IT department.

The year was filled with challenges and new developments as the team forged ahead with new policies, renovations and moving to a new office. Their rigorous approach, commitment and vigilance are the driving factors behind the high quality programming that each component of the Foundation is able to offer on an ongoing basis.


Art direction: Tania Jiménez, Pulpa
Programming : Mathieu Lajeunesse
Translation: Signy Glendinning
Photography: Jean-Michel Naud

Head Office

1000, J.-A.-Bombardier Ave.
Valcourt, QC J0E 2L0

Philanthropic Activities Office

1250 René Lévesque Boulevard West, suite 2200
Montreal, QC, H3B 4W8