Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on applying for donations. If you need more details, we invite you to contact us.


What is a charity?

A charity is an organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) , which has a registration number allowing it to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes.

A non-profit organization is not necessarily a charity.

Is our organization eligible to apply for a donation?

Under the Income Tax Act, the Foundation may only make donations to charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) .

Can an application be filed during the CRA approval process?

Before you can apply for a donation, your organization must be duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Are projects submitted by individuals eligible to receive donations?

No. The Foundation only supports organizations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

What projects are ineligible to apply for a donation from the Foundation?

In principle, the following applications will not be considered:

  • Acquisition of equipment related to administration
  • Activity expressly intended for an individual
  • Christmas-related activities or event
  • Library, museum, art gallery, historical society, cultural centre
  • Fundraising campaign to which the Foundation has already contributed
  • Sponsorship
  • Amateur and elite sports competitions
  • Conference, seminar, congress, festival
  • Applications submitted by an organization supported by an entity of  Centraide/United Way, which is supported by the Foundation (Greater Montréal, Laurentides, Estrie, KRTB-Côte-du-Sud, Kingston, Greater Toronto)
  • Primary, secondary and college-level schools
  • Daycare, toy lending librar
  • Advocacy or partisan group
  • Religious movement
  • Audio and video production
  • Project submitted by a university faculty without having received the approval or recommendation of the institution’s development office
  • Publishing and translation


How to submit an application

What is the deadline to submit an application?

Applications are accepted all year long, but deadlines are specified for each Donations Committee. See the section How to submit an application.

By which means should a request be submitted to the Foundation?

All applications must be submitted by emailSee the sectionHow to submit an application.

How many times a year may an organization submit an application?

Once every twelve months.

What amount should I request?

The amount of the donation depends on the size of your organization, our habitual donations in your sector of activity and, in the case of a project, the funding required for this specific project. Please bear in mind that, in the interest of long-term viability, we encourage projects benefiting from financial support from different partners.

What is the deadline to respond?

A maximum of 90 days is provided following the application, except in the summer period, when the deadline may be extended to 120 days.

Are deadlines to submit a renewal application flexible?

Due to the large number of applications received, we cannot process any applications received after the deadline for the committee at which your last application was treated (ex. August). Late proposals will be postponed automatically to the next Donations Committee. 

Can I send additional documents with the Intent Form?

Only the intention form will be studied. It is therefore useless to send us only other documentation at this stage.

Can we meet a representative of the Foundation to present our organization or our project?

Due to the many applications submitted to us and to favour follow-up visits for active donations, we cannot accept requests for meetings with applicant organizations.

However, please do not hesitate to call us to ask more specific questions or to verify your application’s compatibility with the Foundation’s interests.

If you call for a question related to a new donation application, please note that due to the high volume of calls, it takes up to one week to return a call. Thank you for your understanding!