Evaluation of applications and follow-up of the donations granted play an essential role in the community-based philanthropy practiced by the Foundation. Through regular contacts, they allow us to develop close relationships with the organizations and thus offer our partners a personalized support.

Evaluation of applications

All the applications received are analyzed to ensure that the projects correspond to the Foundation’s mission and vision.

The Donations Committee meets four times a year to study the applications that comply with the Foundation’s eligibility criteria. If additional information is necessary after analyzing an application, we will contact the applicant organization.

The organizations are given written notice of the status of their application within 90 days after receipt of the documents. Please note that this deadline may extend to 120 days during the summer period.

If your application is accepted, you will be informed in writing of the amount granted and the conditions attached to the donation.

If you wish to submit an application under the J. Armand Bombardier Scholarship Program or the Yvonne L. Bombardier visual arts Scholarship Program, please see the page dedicated to this program.


Follow-up of applications

The donation confirmation letter includes all the conditions attached to the grant and indicates the follow-up documents requested.

In addition to the formal contribution reports necessary for management of the donation, we appreciate informal follow-up, in which the partner organizations let us know about their successes and their challenges.