Launched in 2011, Philagora is a capacity building program built specifically for the non-profit sector. Through it, the Foundation aims to support organizations in their development and to promote social innovation. 

We recognize that the non-profit sector faces rapid changes, increased pressures in funding and accountability, and the emergence of new ways to address social needs.

Always desirous to find solutions adapted to the reality of our partner organizations, the Foundation proposes different forms of support. Beyond the financial contribution, we wish to help organizations maintain their relevance by focusing on the culture of change and their capacity to innovate.

We therefore offer an annual program of tailor-made workshops and trainings, which all include social innovation and collaborative management methods as transversal themes.

In 2014, we also introduced a co-development cohort to provide organizations with tools to better analyze their environment and implement strategies for change. A dozen NPO executive directors participate annually.