The Philanthropic Activities team works closely with the Foundation’s partner organizations, deeply committed to their advancement.

Martine Richard
Coordinator, Philanthropic Partnership
The shameless optimist
The one who facilitates processes and looks for solutions
She loves glitter and chocolate

Maeva Dourthe
Coordinator, Knowledge Mobilization
The astute forager
The one who has a finger in every pie and facilitates synergy
She likes riding her bicyle and macarons

Ode Belzile
Director, Philanthropic Activities
The information addict
The one who always has an innovation or a friend to share
She likes books and limon nanas

Marie Mottola
Coordinator, Knowledge Transfer
Our Philagorian chief
The one who promotes complicity and encourages convergence 
She loves nature and sweet & salty tastes

Sonia Labrecque
Executive Director
The energetic and accessible unifier
The one who promotes the conditions necessary for the success of her team
She loves poke bowls and boxer dogs

Elena Scaini
Philanthropic Activities Assistant
The committed young one
The one who takes a brand new look at our processes, an efficient antidote against the status quo

She loves the beach and pinapples




André Fortin
Social Innovator in Residence
The pragmatic creator
Stimulated by diversity and each individual’s potential
Loves playing music and crabmeat

Inspired by the Artist in Residence, who designs a creation by integrating a place and obtaining more resources, the Social Innovative in Residence supports the teams in moving the organization toward best practices: designing work processes that favour relationships and avoid compartmentalized approaches, enhancing the employees’ dormant competencies, developing a culture of innovation and the reflexes to deal with change and complexity.