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icon pds site The tricky question of Director Benefits
Article published in Imagine Canada's newsletter of June 13, 2017. Charities across Canada are generally prohibited by federal tax policy and provincial law from compensating directors for acting as directors.However, many charities rely on directors for functions that extend beyond governance and charities might see good reasons to consider compensating directors for these non-directorial services.

icon pds site Blog - Center for Effective Philanthropy
Interesting posts written by funders about building evaluation capacity, proximity, limited life philanthropy, impact investments, etc.

icon pds pdf How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future
The year 2030 is little more than a decade and a half away, and as association leaders begin to look toward this future milestone, they must prepare for an accelerating and intensifying surge of serious challenges to their long-standing beliefs about what it will take for their organizations to thrive.

icon pds site Charities and their impact on our quality of life
Imagine Canada's article relates that according to the 2016 UN World Happiness Report, Canada is the 6th happiest country in the world.

icon pds site Executive Director Performance Reviews in 5 Steps
Article published in Imagine Canada's newsletter of May 31, 2016.
Reviewing the performance of a nonprofit executive director is a key board responsibility, yet it is often neglected or postponed while the board deals with other issues.

icon pds video What is the Social Economy? and what is The Impact of the Social Economy? Are you concerned about the social and environmental consequences of the current economic development model? The social economy is an alternative. The video capsules was produced for le Chantier de l'économie sociale and le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques.

icon pds site GrantCraft
Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency. Through examples from large and small foundations around the world, this guide explore how transparency can strengthen credibility, improve grantee relationaships, facilitate greater collaboration, increase public trust, reduce duplication of effeort and buid communities of shared learning.
icon pds site GrantCraft
Why and How Funders Work Together. In this guide, contributors share strategies for structuring a collaborative to fit its purpose, building strong relationships and resolving conflicts, and figuring out if the collaborative you're in is working.
icon pds site GrantCraft
Saying Yes/Saying No, Strengthening your decision-giving skills. This guide was developed through a series of conversations with grantmakers and others in the nonprofit.
icon pds site Social Finance
Proving Capital and the Pioneer Gap: Why Philanthropy Matters in Impact Investing. The emergence of impact investing as a tool to help improve access to beneficial goods, services and livelihood opportunities.

As the role of philanthropy intensifies in our communities, reflection on this subject is proliferating.

Every philanthropic organization, regardless of whether it distributes or collects donations, should draw from this growing information to be inspired, reconsider what it does and carry its own practices to the next level.