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icon pds site Cutting Through the Complexity: A Roadmap for Effective Collaboration 
An article published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Collaborations and networks rarely achieve their ambitious goals. Here are some suggestions 

icon pds site Issue Lab, a service of Foundation Center
First started in 2006, IssueLab’s mission has grown beyond the “simple” collection and distribution of knowledge products, to include the support of social sector organizations in adopting the practical and necessary steps to openly publishing what they fund and produce. An amazing source of data and documents. 

icon pds site 10 signs you are in a real partnership
“Partnership” has become a blanket phrase to describe many “business as usual” relationships. What does it means really? An article by Imagine Canada.  

icon pds pdf How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future
The year 2030 is little more than a decade and a half away, and as association leaders begin to look toward this future milestone, they must prepare for an accelerating and intensifying surge of serious challenges to their long-standing beliefs about what it will take for their organizations to thrive.

icon pds site ABSI Connect Kit
ABSI Connect seeks to amplify the initiatives of the social, economic and ecological that challenge successfully the status quo in Alberta. Kate Letizia, Aleeya Velji Cornelisse and Lesley have put together several tools and resources in response to what they have learned and heard about social innovation Alberta.

There’s an old saying that you travel faster alone, but farther together. 

It’s important for every player in the philanthropic community to contribute to a community of interest that challenges the status quo, examines the different currents and shares best practices.